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About Classical Profiles

ClassicalProfiles presents the lives and works of great classical composers through short musical excerpts set to dynamic scripts. This enables listeners to get a “big picture” overview of a composer’s life and music.

We’re launching with a three-part mini-series on Beethoven.

Conceived, edited and engineered by Steve Robinson and written and narrated by Professor John C. Tibbetts of the University of Kansas, the episodes enable listeners to hear and learn about a substantial amount of Beethoven’s music through the wide variety of musical excerpts included in each program. There are 45 musical excerpts heard on the three episodes. We’ve put so many excerpts into each program that no one composition is heard for very long. However, if you want to hear every piece in an episode in its entirety and in the order it was presented, you can purchase the “companion download” we’ve created for each of the three episodes.  The companion downloads list all performers, record labels and timings.

In the coming months, ComposerProfiles will present documentary-style portraits of many great classical music composers, as well as programs on orchestral instruments and other programs.

Our next project is a 10-part series on the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a man who led an exceptionally exciting and storied life, and is considered one of the greatest composers who ever lived. Included in these programs will be readings from the voluminous letters of the Mozart family read by accomplished actors.

If you have any suggestions, ideas of feedback on the Beethoven series or ideas for future programs I’d love to hear from you.

Steve Robinson